About The Show

If you love literature, you must watch, or be prepared to watch the ‘Last of the Mohicans’ Outdoor Theater Show put on by the Riverside Repertory Theater Group. This is a show that will remind you of the ancient times when there was a war between two Superpowers, The France and Britain. This is a show for everybody- locals and tourists from other countries. You can even enjoy it with your teenage son or daughter. Everything from the cast to the real acting and overall production is awesome. The sight of horses, waterfalls and fire in an evening full of moonlight give an inkling of natural beauty at its best.

The Basic Idea of the Show

The show is a live adaptation of the Last of the Mohicans story where the France and Britain fight for the control Lake George and Lake Champlain, the natural resources and the natives. Those who have read this story find the show really practical and engaging. Though it was written a long time ago, the way it is acted makes it look like it took place the other day.

General Information on the Riverside Repertory Theater Group

A good show offered by an innovative theater group is all you need as an outdoor events fan. The “Last of the Mohicans’ Outdoor Theater Show by the Riverside Repertory Theater is just a case of a well-balanced equation.

This is a musical theater than appreciates art and literature and delivers them to the society in the best possible way. It goes beyond the norm by embedding traditional musicals into what we see in the society today. The team ensures that you understand whatever show you are watching from scratch. Original works that have challenged the traditional musicals are also available, and the audience is entertained beyond measure.

Riverside Repertory Theater works with local actors, tech volunteers, and directors in a bid to give to the community what they own and like. Professional artists from neighboring areas are also welcome. Indeed, Riverside Repertory Theater is more than just a theater! It is an experience that promises you all the fun and entertainment that you need to relax. It is a production you can’t get elsewhere, as indeed, the team has made it part of their mission not to be like anyone else.

ticketsTicket sales

You can buy tickets online or through the phone. Given the cutting-edge performances by this group, you may think that the tickets are expensive. However, their cost does not break the wallet, allowing you to have fun in the cheapest way possible.

Setting and Introduction

As noted earlier, the Last of the Mohicans’ Outdoor Theater Show is based on The Last of the Mohicans’ novel by James Fenimore Cooper. This novel is set in the late 1750s when the Seven Year’s War begun. Major activities in the novel take place in the New York wilderness, in particular, the Adirondack Mountains, where the novel is set. There are several adaptations of this timeless novel, and this show is just one of them. The show under the stars gives something reminiscent to the real war during those times. Live horses, Native American and the military filled scenes as well as historical reproduction costumes take the audience to those days in the past. We have more of a plot summary on our website if you’re interested in reading more of the story of the Last of the Mohicans.