So Excited To Share The Music

While this show isn’t a music, there is still music for certain parts of the show that really bring out emotions and intensity in certain scenes. We are so grateful so our pianist Ms. Mary Lou Strider, guitarist Jeff Kuntz, bassist Kurt Renner and drummer Billy Walker. We thank you so much for your involvement in this production.

We also would like to thank Riverside Music Shop for loaning us gear for our rehearsals. The sound equipment they have let us borrow is incredible. We also need to thank the guys at Piano Movers Los Angeles for helping us move┬áMary Lou’s piano out to Riverside. If you ever need piano moving services you can find them thru their website. Each of these musicians were kind enough to donate their time because of the love of theater they have. The musical arrangements they bring to the show really help set moods for the play.

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