Casting Auditions

Riverside Repertory Theatre is a professional company that had announced the date to hold Riverside Repertory Theatre casting auditions to select some of the actors for its production Last of the Mohicans to be staged from 8th April to 24th April. The auditions held at The Menagerie Nightclub situated at 3581 University Ave., Riverside, California on Sunday the 28th February from 10 am to 3 pm. The selected candidates were called back in the evening after 6 pm on the same day. The interested candidates were asked to contact the Managing Director Riverside Repertory Theatre, David St. Pierre at to avoid any harassment later on.

These Riverside Repertory Theatre casting auditions were held to select paid actors for all non-union roles. Along with this company usually holds such auditions to search active singers and actors to perform in non-traditional, dynamic and intimate productions of Broadway musical. The company welcomes all ethnicities with significant experience in producing professional musical items in such auditions.

Goal of Riverside Rep

Riverside Rep is a good old-fashioned musical theatre that produces exciting traditional musicals with a sharp twist of modern music. To describe the company’s goal in the more formal manner, it is said that it celebrates the production of traditional musical themes by making some changes and twists in their traditional forms. They highlight the real concept behind the musicals while making some changes in them. Along with classic musicals with some twists the company also produces modern musicals challenging the groundbreaking traditional musicals. So producing innovative musicals is one of the reasons for holding Riverside Repertory Theatre casting auditions from time to time.

Reasons to Hold Auditions

Riverside Repertory Theatre also holds Riverside Repertory Theatre casting auditions as it believes in searching for local talents including technicians, actors, ushers and directors, etc. In fact, there are few professional theatres in Riverside that provide a professional opportunity to local talent.

Along with local area, the company also searches the ability in the vicinity through these auditions to find talented professionals who can compliment and collaborate with its productions.
The company tries to find new talents for producing traditional musicals in a new and challenging manner.

In this way, Riverside Rep as a strong symbol of hope is building a strong relationship between innovative art and the community. It works with an aim to produce innovative, daring and high-class professional musicals which can not only entertain people but also enrich and educate them. So to produce exciting musicals in a creative manner, they hold Riverside Repertory Theatre casting auditions whenever required.

After Riverside Repertory Theatre casting auditions the company provides accompanists to the actors to prepare them to sing 16 bars of classical musical, theatrical songs. The rehearsals, after the last casting call, were helped from 4th March from 10 am to 11 pm on Thursday to Sunday, depending on the availability and the role to prepare them to perform at the Box Theatre from 8th to 24th April.

Thus, anyone can attend Riverside Repertory Theatre casting auditions if he has some professional talent, even without any appointment.

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